Ever have one of those days where it seems as though you’re doomed to have something horrible happen?  Well, I didn’t wake up feeling that way this morning, but I had a feeling something was going to happen when I left the house this afternoon.  My grandma jinxed us.  Seriously.  But I’ll get to that in a bit.

I was productive this morning with getting the house cleaned and such.  It needed to be done and it made me feel better.  The start of the series of bad things happened shortly after that.  My mom told me that my grandmother, my step-dad’s mom, is back in the hospital with cellulitis due to her body rejecting all these wires she had put in her a few weeks ago to ease her pain issues.  She’s in the hospital right now and we’re hoping for the best.  According to my aunt it could be fatal if they don’t stop the infection soon.  My aunt is an anesthesiologist and knows these things or something like that.  She’s already had a staph infection with this surgery.  I can’t imagine things getting much worse for her.  We’re just hoping for the best at this point.  I think she’s due to go back under the knife to get the wires and things removed from her in a few days.

My grandma decided to go with me to my weigh-in this afternoon, which was successful and I dropped 6 pounds.  I’ve dropped 13 pounds in about 12 weeks, so I’m rather thrilled about that.  The events that led to me finally going to weigh-in, though, absolutely sucked.  We were driving along and in a bit of traffic.  My grandma had reminded me a few minutes prior to the incident to watch my speed because she “didn’t want me to get her a ticket”.  Well, we ended up getting rear ended a few minutes after she had said that.  We were hit pretty hard in the back by a kid in a truck.  He looked terrified.  We were alright, had the police make a report, yada yada.  Needless to say that took an hour out of our afternoon.

On the good side, though, I did lose weight and we heard from an uncle we hadn’t heard from in a while.  I also got an awesome offer from a toy company that I am totally excited about.   I was asked to review for a new company that is getting up off of the ground, LeLuv.  I was approached and asked by a friend this afternoon and I humbly accepted.  I’m thrilled that my reviewing “career” is getting up off of the ground itself.  I love writing my views on products and I’m spreading my wings to branch out a bit from Eden where I started, though I still love Eden and will continue to write for them a well.

It’s been one Hell of a day.  I’m glad to kick back and relax now that it’s over.  I think shopping with my mom is in my near future after some steamy lo mein.  Today hasn’t been all that bad and it could have been much worse.  I’m just glad that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Be thankful for the small things, right?  Right.