Why do we lie?  Do we lie to protect those around us?  Do we lie to keep those around us from getting hurt?  Do we lie just for the sheer pleasure of seeing another person hurt?  Those questions aren’t really easy to answer, but I can answer one question about lies.  Do lies hurt?  Yes, they do.  They hurt more than imaginable sometimes, especially when they come from someone you thought you trusted and knew.

I’m not a fan of having bombshells dropped on me out of nowhere.  I understand that I should have gotten the hint, but at the same time I gave the benefit of the doubt because of an experience I had in the past with someone close to me.  I’m more hurt by the fact that I wasn’t trusted enough with handling the truth beforehand.  Keeping things from me isn’t the way to go.  I don’t understand how I can say until I’m blue in the face that I cherish honesty in openness yet I am faced time and time again with lies and half truths.  Do you think I enjoy not knowing the whole truth?  Do you think that I don’t deserve to know the whole truth?  I don’t understand your reasoning and I don’t think that I ever will.  I understand that it’s not something you tell everyone, but my God after two months you’d think that I would have earned enough trust to be trusted not to be like everyone else.  I suppose I’m wrong.  I suppose I am like everyone else in your eyes.  But I’m not, dear one.  And that’s something you have yet to realize and understand fully.

I say this time and time again.  I am very much what you see is what you get.  I don’t always tell the truth, no, but I also don’t lead people to believe things that aren’t want they seem when I get close to them.  Close enough to discuss intimate details about lives and things we enjoy.  Intimate enough to share a part of me that not many people know.  Then again, I really don’t know if you are a liar or not.  Were you trying to protect yourself from being hurt again?  Yes, and I can understand why with what you told me.  I’m more hurt that you thought me to be like everyone else and that it would deter me or affect my feelings.

What reality is will never drive me away.  Keeping reality under wraps will.  And believing me to be like everyone else who has hurt you in your life hurts me more than words could ever begin to describe.