Curious about trying glass for a change?  Interested in experiencing a toy that is not pliable and will keep its shape over time and through extended use?  Glass is one of my recommendations for such desires and this dildo will certainly do the trick if you so desire.

I originally chose this dildo as part of a contest offer that I had won through LeLuv via Twitter.  I’d had my eye on this dildo for weeks and it wasn’t a hard decision when it came time to choose my prize for the contest.  I absolutely had to have this beautiful creation and I am so glad that I chose this dildo over the others of its kind.

This hand crafted, pink shafted, clear headed glass dildo is an amazing addition to the advanced toy users collection.  The base of the dildo is also clear, but inside is a tri-colored flower that enhances the beauty of this product.  The very center of the flower is green which is surrounded by orange which is then surrounded by yellow and finally surrounded by dark blue.  Beneath the blue petals are periwinkle petals which enhance the coloring and design of the flower inside the clear rounded base of the dildo itself.  The base of the dildo is rounded and leads up to the soft pink shaft.  The shaft of the dildo is bumpy, which makes for a more intense and sensitive ride over the cascading waves of pleasure.  The bumps are lined up in a curved line, leaving enough spacing between each for enhanced pleasure and reaching of deep sensitive spots in the vagina during use.  The bumps begin about a half of an inch from the head and end about two inches above the base of the dildo.  The base of the shaft is flared out a bit to form a handle to keep a firm grip on the dildo while in use.  The shaft itself is curved to allow a more comfortable fit and provide ease in locating and pleasuring the G-spot. 

The head of the dildo is curved and pointed at the tip to pinpoint and pleasure the G-spot.  It is shaped much like that of a real penis, though it is smooth with no ridges as a fleshy head normally has if cut.  The head is a bit wide for those who have not used toys in a while or experienced any form of toy usage.  If you are a beginner, I would recommend starting out with something smaller and a bit more pliable than glass until you are comfortable with masturbation and work your way up to more rigid toys.

I found that, while in use, the head was a bit too rigid for me and caused a bit of discomfort while in use.  The bumps along the shaft added a bit more discomfort, though it faded as I relaxed and my muscles were able to stretch a bit to accommodate the dildo better.  Keep in mind that I had not been sexually active for quite some time before using this product on myself.  I also recommend using a bit of lubricant with this dildo before insertion as the lubricant will help it slide a bit easier into the vagina.  Glass is compatible with any lubricant, so there is no fear of destroying the material with an incompatible lube.  Another perk to glass is that it can be cleaned easily with warm soap and water, by boiling, or by running it through the dishwasher.  Glass is able to be sterilized and safe to share with multiple partners due to glass being non-porous.

I highly recommend this beautiful curved, bumpy dildo to add to your collection.  Not only is it a beautiful piece of art as well as a toy, but it comes with a beautiful padded bag for storage.  This dildo can be purchased over at LeLuv for $24.99 with free shipping.

Here are some additional shots of the dildo.  I apologize for the flash being so bright, but it’s what I have to work with at night!