I have experienced quite a few different sex toys since I began my reviewing career almost a year ago.  I have found that I enjoy silicone the most and decided to splurge a bit on a bit of a luxury vibrator, to me at least.  I decided on the Sinfonia and I am glad that I decided to add this beautiful vibrator to my ever growing collection from the sex store I trust.

Made of silicone, the Sinfonia made my experience with penetration much easier and softer for me to handle.  The material itself is soft and pliable, which makes it extremely easy to maneuver in and out of the vagina and I suggest this vibrator for vaginal use only as it has no flared base to keep from sliding in too far if used for anal purposes.

The Sinfonia comes packaged in a beautiful box with a picture of the vibrator on the top as well as a couple.  There are two drawers to the box and the top portion lifts to reveal the sinfonia resting in its designated place.  The top drawer of the box holds the sinfonia and has a portion cut out of the bottom to fit the vibrator securely.  It does not move around or fall out of the designated space for it once placed for storage.  The bottom drawer contains quite a few additional items and accessories for the sinfonia.  In the bottom drawer is packaged a small bottle of lubricant, a packet of toy cleaner, a silicone ring that I am assuming is for a cock, though I am not entirely sure what its use is intended for, a manual about the sinfonia, a purple velvet storage pouch, and a set of two AAA batteries that the sinfonia runs off of.  I warn, though, that the batteries with my vibrator did not work and I had to purchase new ones before I could use my sinfonia.

Once you have properly working batteries, the base of the sinfonia unscrews for easy placement.  There are indicators in the battery area to show how to place the batteries (positive and negative ends) into the chamber.  Once placed, screw the base back on and you’re ready to go.

On the cap there are two buttons, one that is a standard “on” button that appears like most power on buttons that are built into computer towers and other electronic devices.  Simply depress the on button and the sinfonia fires up with a rather hard, but soft setting.

The button beneath the button that powers the vibrator on is used to cycle through the different settings of the toy.  There are eight different vibration settings to cycle through to find one that suits your desires for play.  There are three steady vibration patterns that you are able to cycle through initially, the first being the softest setting, the second being a medium setting, and the third being the hardest steady vibration the sinfonia has to offer.  The fourth setting is a gradual progression from soft to hard with a slight pause before cycling back through soft to hard.  The fifth setting is a cycle of hard vibrations that are equally spaced and distributed.  The sixth setting  is a combination of the fourth and fifth settings that involves a progression of vibrations from soft to hard with a series of three equally space hard vibrations.  The seventh setting is a bit of an up and down sensation from soft to hard repeatedly followed with a long hard vibration.  The eighth setting begins with a short hard vibration followed by several hard vibration pulsations.

Using the sinfonia is simple.  I would suggest using lubricant to ease the vibrator into the vagina if you have not had intercourse or used toys in quite a while.  Do not use any other lubricant besides water based or you run the risk of ruining the silicone that the vibrator is made with.  Silicone is not compatible with any other lubricant besides water based.

Once you have lubricated the shaft, if you desire to do so, the sinfonia is curved through the shaft to make g-spot pleasuring easier.  The shaft itself is thicker near the base and thins a bit near the soft rounded head of the vibrator.  The vibrations that you can cycle through while using this vibrator are located throughout the entire shaft, so along with g-spot stimulation, the walls of the vagina will be stimulated as well to increase pleasure and help you gain more out of your use of this vibrator.  The silicone is soft and will not cause discomfort while in use.  I find it to be a great vibrator for both beginners and advanced users alike and a great investment for any sex toy enthusiast.

Once you have finished using the sinfonia, you can easily clean the silicone with either warm water and soft soap or with the toy cleaner provided.  I would not recommend boiling this toy just because of the fact that it is a vibrator and requires batteries.  I did not try to boil this toy nor did I use it in the water because I was afraid of ruining the battery chamber and, inherently, the toy itself.  You can store the vibrator in the pouch that is provided in the storage box or place it back in the box where it was situated upon opening for the first time.  I recommend keeping this toy in either place so that the silicone does not get ruined by placement among other toys with different materials that may potentially ruin the material of the sinfonia.

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Here are some additional pictures of the sinfonia for your viewing pleasure.