If you didn’t catch the title, it’s the theme song to Flipper.  I thought it to be appropriate to think of while reviewing the double power dolphin that I purchased from the sex shop I trust.  This rabbit vibrator is one of the first that I purchased from EdenFantasys and my first rabbit style vibrator ever.  I found it wonderful for dual stimulation of my clitoris and of my g-spot when inserted.  It helped me to achieve a rather powerful orgasm my first few times using this particular vibrator.  Because of the dolphin placed on top of the vibrator, using this toy anally is a possibility as the dolphin will keep the toy from sliding in and getting lost inside.

The double power dolphin is made from PVC which is very much rubber-like and soft.  Though it is soft, it will not lose its shape or form over time which is ideal if you intend to use this vibrator rather often.  If you decide to use lubricant, use either water based or silicone lubricants only as other types may cause damage to the material.  PVC is easily cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap and can be stored with your other toys in your toy bag or in your side drawer.

Onto the toy itself.  The double power dolphin runs off of two AA batteries that are inserted in the base of the vibrator.  The base screws off to reveal the chamber in which to place the batteries.  There is a sticker on the inside indicating to insert the batteries with the + side down.  Replacing the cap is a bit tricky and a slight pain in the tush.  The cap, on mine at least, does not screw on properly and pops off if I screw it a bit too much.  It’s mildly frustrating and there really is no true way of telling if the cap is securely fastened unless you screw it until it pops off.  That is on mine at least and may not be the case for others.  At the base of the cap is a dial that is very sensitive to the touch and turns with ease to control the vibration functions.  The vibrations gradually increase as you turn the dial clockwise until you can turn it no more.  There are three vibration settings to cycle through which are soft, medium, and hard.

As you turn the dial, there is a light at the base of the dolphin attached to the top of the shaft that illuminates.  As you turn the dial more to the harder settings the light becomes brighter.  On the softest setting the vibrations are equally distributed throughout the shaft and the dolphin, though the medium and harder settings tend to shift the vibrations to the dolphin more so than the shaft.

The head of the vibrator is shaped much like the head of a penis.  It is soft and lacks the ribbing that the shaft has.  The smooth, plush head makes it easy to penetrate the vagina and massage the inner walls of the vagina as well as the g-spot.  The shaft of the vibrator is ribbed and highly uncomfortable when inserted.  The ribbing makes it almost painful to insert the vibrator completely without a copious amount of lubricant to ease penetration.  I highly suggest using a lot of lubricant if you want to avoid extreme discomfort while using this product.  The dolphin attached to the top of the shaft is the saving grace of this dildo and makes it a bit easier to ignore the discomfort of the ribbing along the shaft.  The base of the dolphin lights up, though the light tends to wear down the battery life a bit faster than other vibrators.  The vibrations pulsate through the body of the dolphin and centralize in the nose to provide direct clitoral stimulation.

If you’re new to rabbit vibrators and want to try one for yourself, I recommend starting off with a vibrator made with a smooth shaft and not a lot of texture.  The texture can make the experience uncomfortable and borderline painful if you are not used to penetration or toys like the double power dolphin.  If you are a more experienced user, I would recommend avoiding this vibrator as well.  While it has the potential to provide dual stimulation and a good round of orgasms, it is not a worth while investment and tends to pale in comparison to other rabbit vibrators.

If you would like to try this for yourself and not take my advice, you can purchase the double power dolphin for $19.99 over at EdenFantasys.