I’m sure by now most of you who read what I have to say have heard about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  But, what is the media telling you?  What are they showing you?  I decided to write this post for a few reasons, two of which are because I live in Louisiana and because I have recently encountered family of mine, who reside in England, who don’t know what we’re going through down here.

The national media won’t show you the photos of the pelicans that are coated in oil, the turtles that are caught in nets, the pelican eggs that have been trampled by BP workers out in the marshes, and other such things.  They won’t tell you that the marine life is all evacuating closer to shore and are beginning to compete for oxygen.  Once that competition grows bigger, more marine life is going to die out.  There is oil washing up in Pensacola, Orange Beach in Alabama, Panama City, and here in Louisiana in Grand Isle.  I bet you don’t know that 90% of the industry in Grand Isle has shut down and it is becoming a struggle for them down there.  I bet you don’t now that restaurants that have been alive and thriving in New Orleans and other parts of the state are now shutting down, even those that have been open for 40+ years.  Shrimp prices have gone up, crab prices are on the rise, and soon crawfish are going to be even more expensive.  That is if they survive with the oil washing up more and more into the marsh.

But why would any of you know this?  Only the local news here gets down to the nitty gritty.  The national media won’t tell you that they paid people to pretend as though they were working down here with Obama visited.  Explain to me how you can keep your haz-mat suit pristine white when you have been supposedly working all day cleaning up oil and I’ll believe that this wasn’t staged.  What?  Oil is brown and stains?  No, shit Sherlock.  But, no, we’re wrong for thinking that.  Those people who were out there in their nice suits were put on a bus after Obama left and sent home.  PUT ON A FUCKING BUS.  Gee, that sounds real helpful, doesn’t it?

Journalists are no longer allowed near the wildlife or the site of the clean up efforts.  BP claims that it is the photographers and journalists that are killing the wildlife.  I’m sorry, but remind me of a time where an animal died of having its picture taken.  If that was the case, they would have to replace the animals in the zoo on the daily basis.  BP is full of absolute shit when it comes to that.  They have also taken it upon themselves to place false journalists out by the site of the spill and the clean up for good face.

When Louisiana and the Gulf Coast suffers, the rest of America suffers.  But, that’s okay.  No one is going to give a shit until it costs $10/lb for shrimp and other luxuries they enjoy now.  So, continue to live in ignorance and listen to the national media not telling you the whole story.  Sure, BP is working to stop the spill, but we are going to be feeling the repercussions of this for a long time.

Another thing to remember is that this is hurricane season and, guess what?  There’s already a system out in the Gulf projected to go over Cozumel.  Did you plan a cruise like I did?  Well, that lovely little system is going to help to further spread the oil and make it even more widespread than it already is.  They are already predicting oil to reach North Carolina beaches by next year as the oil is dispersing beneath the surface at a rate that has not yet been determined.

If you want a local report and local information, check out these news sites below:



Every little bit helps.  Please, if you care about the environment and about the livelihood of thousands of people, please help if you can at all.  We are slowly dying down here along the Gulf Coast and I’m terrified of us being wiped out this hurricane season.