This weekend turned out much better than I anticipated.  My week was extremely suckful.  I’ve been stressing a lot and just worrying about finances and such.  It all started with being denied financial aid and having to figure out a way to pay for the last semester of my schooling.  I figured it out and I feel a bit more responsible than when I first felt when I got the letter telling me I had been denied financial aid.  It was my fault mostly, though I did have extenuating circumstances with certain instructors of mine.  That is neither here nor there and I admit that I faltered quite a bit.  I’m going to dig myself out of this hole I’ve gotten into and I’m going to be much better for it.  I’m praying that I will at least.

With the news of me being denied financial aid I began the crusade to find a weekend job, hence why I have been lacking in posting and activity on the internet.  I’ve pulled away from much of my leisure time and have put that time and energy into looking for ways to get myself out of college and the situation I’m in.  I did, though, manage to have a great weekend and I learned that friends really do make a huge difference in my mood and my life all together.

Last night I went out for the first time in a few weeks to dinner with my friends and to drink.  I normally don’t drink my anguish away, but you know, after being shafted and screwed over all week I deserved a drink or three.  I refused, though, to numb my pain completely with alcohol.  I’ve done that one too many times in my past and I refused to turn back to that again.  I had been looking forward, as well, to seeing the boyfriend.  Excuse me while I pause to laugh for a moment.  Ten minutes before he was supposed to arrive at my place so we could meet my friends to ride with them he bailed.  He said he was “too tired” though he was awake enough later in the night to text me and see how things were.  Yeah, sorry, I didn’t buy the bullshit and I’m really at a point in my life where I’m not giving three strikes or three chances.  I’m not going to sit around and wait for someone to take interest in me.  Needless to say that that’s over and I’m moving on.  So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the story of the rest of the night and Independence Day.

We went to eat at a wonderful Mexican restaurant here in the city and my God was it amazing.  The margaritas were so strong I almost fell out of my chair after a few sips.  It felt good, though, to be surrounded by friends and laughing for the first time in a few days.  I really had that much crap going on in my life that I couldn’t muster a small laugh for a moment.  After dinner, though, the fiasco started when a couple we were with’s car was gone when we walked out of the restaurant.  They had gotten towed with no signs saying it was illegal to be parked where they had parked.  We ended up in a sketch part of town and while waiting for them to get the car out of jail, as I call it, we sat and waited in our car on the side of the road.  Well, a sketchy car stopped in the middle of the road about two feet away from our car and two guys started to get out.  A friend of mine freaked and blew the horn which sent them retreating and driving off.  We had two guys with us but they were standing with their backs to the street talking.  So, we almost got mugged or raped or whatever.  That was suckful, but we didn’t thank GOD.

We made it back to the house and we drank for a few hours before heading home.  And you know, despite the shit of getting a towed car out of jail and nearly mugged, I had a blast.  I needed a night out with my friends and I enjoyed myself entirely.

Now, today was insane.  We had a monsoon decide to hit the town I live in.  The weather was awful and, well, I had to pretty much try to save the house from getting flooded.  When I tell you we could have floated a boat in our backyard you should figure it was THAT BAD.  Anyway, one of our gutters was stopped up and the other was getting pounded so hard by the hard rainfall that the downspout popped off.  It was a mess, but we managed to not flood thank GOD.  That would have sucked even more getting water out of the house.  I really hate living in a bowl sometimes, but such is life and this is the shit we deal with on the regular basis during this time of the year.

Tonight ended with me hanging with the best friend and just relaxing.  Now, it’s pajama time and time for me to curl up and mindlessly surf the web.  Also, I wanted to mention that the last installment of Office Lust was supposed to be highly uneventful.  If you’ve ever lost your virginity, you know it sucks and hurts like the dickens.  Unless you’re a rare case where it didn’t hurt.  If so, you’re lucky.  Trust me when I say that the next installment will definitely be better and a bit more action filled, though I am warning now that there will be future installments that are not going to be purely sexual.  If you’ve ever read good erotica, there are parts that aren’t riddled with sex, sex, and more sex.

Until my creative juices start flowing tomorrow, I bid you all adieu and good night 🙂  And feel free to leave comments if you’d like!  I’d love to hear from those of you who read what I have to say!