Today has been bittersweet for me.  I found out, through my uncle, that a relative of his, through his ex wife, is dying.  He’s been around since I was born and he’s a very kind man.  He married my cousin, baptized my brother, and buried my grandpa.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, he’s a priest here in our area.  He went on a trip to South America during Easter and contracted a bug.  A bug that is killing him rapidly.

We found out today that he is swollen horribly and that he was given his last rites.  He isn’t expected to make it and will probably go to meet our maker very soon.  I am praying hard for him, though I’m not really praying for him to continue living and suffering with this disease.  I am praying that he is able to leave this world of suffering that he is in and become at peace for the first time in months.  It’s very hard to deal with death and I am just hoping to God that he calls him home soon to be at rest.

In happier news, I’m finally getting my silver lining.  I’ve been applying for second jobs for the weekend to make a bit more money during the week.  I also got a few checks in that I had been waiting on for a few weeks and that really helped out a lot.  Things are looking up this week and I am very excited that that silver lining is finally starting to show in my cloud.  I’m also getting excited about my birthday coming up next week and getting back in gear with my writing.

I hope this week continues to improve.  I’m very happy and content right now.