I recently purchased the LayaSpot vibrator manufactured by Fun Factory over at EdenFantasys, the sex shop I trust, and I was ecstatic when I received it in my rather large shipment.  I absolutely couldn’t wait to unscrew the beautiful magenta cap at the tip and insert the two AAA batteries I had waiting to get down to business.  But, the sad part is, folks, that when I went to use this beautiful little vibrator on my clitoris I was horribly disappointed at how light the vibrations were.

Laya came packaged in a beautiful box, as shown to the left, and included an instruction manual with many different languages on how to use her.  She also came packaged with a bit of personal massage oil that I didn’t try to use as I’m allergic to most oils and lubricants.  Upon removing her from the packaging, I noticed that she fits in the palm of my hand.  Laya is very small and discreet, so hiding her is easy peasy for someone who lives at home, in a dorm, or just really doesn’t want any prying eyes to see.  The coloring of the material is beautiful and vibrant, more so than the photos provided online.  Needless to say, she’s quite the beauty, but when it comes to getting the job done, she is seriously lacking.  As I said before, Laya runs off of two AAA batteries that are easily inserted at the end of the vibrator.  Simply turn the cap and it will pop off to reveal the chamber for the batteries.  There are little markings on the top of the chamber to indicate which way to place the batteries before use.  After placing them inside, simply secure the cap and you’re ready to go.

Operating Laya is as easy as placing the batteries in the chamber and is not overly complicated.  Look at the photo to the right and notice the little bowling pin looking shape in blue nestled in the magenta.  Those are the controls.  There is a plus sign and minus sign to control the intensity, or lack thereof, of Laya.  To turn Laya on, simply hold down the plus sign and she will begin to vibrate.  If you continue to press this button, Laya will go through eight progressions of intensity before she reaches the highest solid vibration setting.  If you hold the button down, she will cycle through three pulsating sensations.  To deactivate the pulsating sensations, simply just press the plus, or minus, sign.  To lower the intensity, hold down the minus sign button.  To completely turn Laya off, she has to be on the lowest setting before pressing the minus sign to turn her off.  Like I said, Laya is not overly complicated to use or operate.

Once you have the vibrations set to your intensity of choice and preference, there is a little bump at the base of Laya.  The base of the vibrator is located, in this picture, where my fingers are.  The bump is designed to nestle nicely between the folds of the labia and stimulate the clitoris.  The only problem I encountered is that, no matter how I positioned her, I just really couldn’t feel the vibrations as I would have liked to.  Then again, I am desensitized to most soft vibrators, so all Laya did for me was tease me and leave me begging for more.  She’s such a cruel, cruel lover.

If you like to share your toys with others, Laya is non porous and able to be sterilized with warm water and soap.  If you prefer to clean and sterilize your toys with toy cleaner, you can do that as well.  She’s not high maintenance at all, which makes her easy to care for unlike a picky lover.  Given how small Laya is, she is easy to store as well and keep out of sight of those you don’t want to find her.  She likes to be sneaky sneaky if you haven’t figured that out yet.

All in all, if you enjoy toys that provide gentle and a lack of overwhelming vibrations, Laya may be the lover for you.  If you are new to sex toys, I highly recommend investing in her.  You may find her to be far more stimulating than I did.  Like I said, though, I am desensitized to most soft vibrations, so she didn’t phase me in the least.  She is a great investment and one to add to your toy collection.

If you would like to purchase Laya, you should shimmy on over to EdenFantasys and place your order!  There are way more color options available to suit your taste!