I adore Hello Kitty, so much so that I have Hello Kitty car mats and a steering wheel cover in my car.  I know it’s childish.  Stop laughing at me!  Needless to say, my love for Hello Kitty accelerated when I saw this cute pocket rocket with her on top over at my favorite sex store, EdenFantasys!  I had to have her and I was super excited when she arrived on my door step.  I brought her to my room, unscrewed the base to place two AAA batteries in the chamber before screwing the base back on to get her going.  And then the disappointment struck.

The Hello Kitty pocket rocket is small and compact, which makes her discreet enough for traveling, keeping in your purse, and storing in your room or place of choice.  When it comes to actually using this pocket rocket, though, you may not achieve the orgasm that you are aiming for.  The vibrations that this pocket rocket produces are not strong by any means or stretch of the imagination, which leaves it lacking in the crucial department of “pleasure giving”.  If you are one who enjoys soft, teasing vibrations then the Hello Kitty pocket rocket may be right up your alley.

This pocket rocket is small and compact, making it easy to hold during use.  It is also made of hard plastic, which makes clean up rather easy by using just warm water and some antibacterial soap.  Due to the size of this vibrator, I would not recommend inserting it into the vagina or the anus because, well, it could get lost and that’s never a fun experience.  The vibrations really aren’t all that hard, or centralized for that matter, to provide a screaming orgasm should you happen to find your g-spot with it.  Never place this in your bum, folks.  There is no flared base to keep it from sliding all the way in and getting lost.

As you can see in the photo, there is an indicator to tell you whether the pocket rocket is in the “on” or “off” position.  Once you turn the vibrator on, you will notice that the vibrations are dispersed unequally throughout the vibrator.  The hardest vibrations are actually in the middle of the pocket rocket, between the head and base, which is ineffective in stimulating the clitoris.  At least to me it is.  The vibrations that are dispersed to the head of the pocket rocket are very light and there is only one setting that you can place the vibrations on.  There are no escalation of vibrations and no pulsating sensations.  Hello Kitty is a one shot wonder, or should I say failure, from my experience with her.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed in Hello Kitty.  If you are one for light vibrations and teasing sensations, Hello Kitty may be up your alley.  If you need something harder to get you off and even to get you going, avoid this pocket rocket and look into other options.  If you decide you want to purchase the Hello Kitty pocket rocket, you can do so here over at EdenFantasys!  And, when all else fails, if you decide that her lack of vibrations disturb you, Hello Kitty doubles as a Jedi light saber and you can fight the dark side that produced this teasing toy, though the light saber action is NOT included (nor is it real.  I just found it amusing).