Kisses so tender and sweet gently graced her body as she shuddered in delight and agony.  Each kiss would cause her to raise her bottom to beg for more and they made her whimper and cry with delight.  Her body ached to feel those beautiful kisses, those delicious, sinister bites.  In the same bated breath, she whimpered and begged for him to stop.  The chuckle that erupted from deep down tormented her ears as she felt the bite of the beautiful cane once more.

“Why ever would you want me to stop?” he asked snidely.

“Please, Sir,” she begged softly, “my bottom hurts horribly.”

“Oh, well I am sorry for causing you such pain.  Wait, I take that back.  Truly I am not.  After all, it is not your bottom now is it?”

“No, Sir.  It is not.”

With another swift swish and flick of the cane, her bottom seared in pain, agony, and delight all in the same breath.  Her soft, curved back arched a bit as she took one a deep, staggered breath.  She could not help but find pain and agony beneath his cane and his hand.  Deep inside, in the pit of her belly, she knew this pain is what she craved and desired.  With each shriek and scream she released all the suppressed emotions and feelings she had bottled up for so long.  The freedom from the bonds of her past and agony had been reached, though she never would have thought to find that freedom in servitude and succumbing to the will of another. 

Fiery kisses now graced her bottom as she felt tiny dots of blood drip onto her back from the cane.  She heard him chuckle with amusement as he continued to tap gracefully upon her already red and throbbing welts.  Helpless to resist, she whimpered and writhed beneath him, though she could not get anywhere away from the despicable rod.  Bound and helpless upon the floor, she pulled against the steel manacles he had secured to the floor and gripped her hair as she cried out in agony.  No matter how hard she tried, she could not close her legs to hide her sweet bits from the cruel lover gracing her skin.  Her ankles lay bound in a steel bar that kept her legs spread wide which happened to also be secured firmly to the ground.  She delighted in her bondage, for she knew he delighted in her being in such a state as well despite the pain she was now enduring.

Her mind drifted as she felt that beautiful euphoria take over her body.  Light and airy she now felt, though the sting of the cane managed to bring her back to reality for that small instant.  In an instant she felt the welts erupt to paint her bottom a beautiful crimson and in the next the pain was gone.

“Please, may I have more, Sir?” she asked softly, her voice rather distant from her body.

He did not respond as he knelt down behind her and slid a finger over her glistening lips between her legs.  Her cheeks turned a hue of red as bright as the red on her bottom as she shuddered in delight.  He knew she would reach such a state when he hurt her.  That had been his intention the entire time.  Subjecting her to suffering to gain such a reaction, as well as satisfy his desire to hurt her as well as test her endurance, was a fond past time of his.

Gently, he slid a finger inside of her soft pink opening.  She let out a soft moan as he firmly slapped her bottom.  He inserted another finger to join the first as she chewed on her lip to remain silent.  He slapped her soundly on her bottom again as he retracted his fingers and smeared her fluids on her fresh welts.  Shuddering, she released a soft groan as the pain seared through her body once more.

“Do you not enjoy what I do to you, girl?” he asked with a smirk as he began to remove his pants.

“I do, Sir,” she responded through gritted teeth as she processed the stinging pain in her bottom.  “I enjoy the things you do to me.”

“Then you are to let me know.  You are not allowed to be silent unless I instruct you to be.  Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her eyes widened as she felt the tip of his erection brush against her now dripping lips, but her eyes widened more as she felt the gooey coldness of lubrication and the firmness of glass at her opening.  He was going to plug her and use another orifice.  Trembling softly, she moaned as he inserted the cold glass into her opening, clenching her walls a bit to hold the dildo in place.  She sighed softly at the feel of the phallus inside of her and began to pace her breathing as she felt a large, cold dallop of lubricant grace her tight, dark hole.

A finger invaded her hole and she moaned a bit louder, her body aching to feel more than just his lubricated finger.  After months of training, he felt she was ready and she delighted in her newest extension of service.  Slowly, as molasses pouring from a bottle, he slid his length inside of her dark, tight hole, causing her to clench a bit and whimper at the pain.  He was larger around than the items he had used to stretch her and it took her a few moments to relax a bit to allow him to take her with ease.  He slid a hand down to grip the base of the dildo lodged in her vagina as he began to pound her mercifully in her anus, though he quickened his pace rather quickly to ensure she felt the magnitude of her servitude.

She moaned and arched her hips up more, rocking against the cocks invading her orifices and tossing her head back a bit.  Throbbing, he continued to pound into her viciously, moaning himself from the delight of her newly broken hole.  He could hear her whimper and beg for that sweet release, but he did not respond as he continued to derive his pleasure from her.  He knew she would not dream of releasing without his permission and instead he continued to focus on his.  She whimpered, moaned, sobbed, and pleaded for that sweet release and her actions only drove him to pound her harder, faster, and deeper.

“Please, Sir…” she pleaded.  “Please let me cum.  Please.”

“No,” he responded, his voice rather husky and dripping with ecstasy.  “It it not about you tonight.  You do not have permission and do not beg again.”

She nodded and accepted his decision, fighting off that beautiful release she had been desiring.  In the instant she felt as though she could not hold her release anymore, she battled it to the bitter end and kept it at bay.  She lay in agony, her cheeks throbbing, ass aching, lips dripping and throbbing, as she fought in her mind to obey him.  She would not disobey.  That was not an option.

And then he quickly withdrew from her sweet, once virginal hole.  She did not make a sound and in an instant she was screaming in agony and pure anguish.  She felt his sticky semen coat her welts on her cheeks, kissing them bitterly so as to make them throb and beg for more.  She pulled at her hair again as she fought to process the sheer agony and sting that she felt soar through her body once more.  The pain subsided after a few moments and she opened her eyes to see him standing before her.  He knelt down and kissed her forehead, stroking her hair gently as he embraced her a bit.

“Good girl,” he whispered.

“Thank you, Sir, ” she whispered heavily.