So, my best friend and I have a weekend tradition.  We go to the movies, grab a bite to eat, and just generally hang out.  Well, we do something as well to kill time before a movie.  Something odd that most best friends don’t do, though I don’t doubt there are people like us out there as well that do something similar.

For months we would decide to drive by the local toy store close to the movie house and every time we drove past it we would chicken out and not go in.  I’ve been in sex toy stores before and, well, I don’t like going in when there are copious amounts of people browsing and shopping.  Something about creepy toothless guys looking at pocket pussies and eyeing the girls walking around just bothers me.  Last night, though, we decided we weren’t going to chicken out.  Last night, we ventured into our first physical toy store together.

It was kind of comical, to say the least.  My best friend turned to look at me when she parked the car and asked if we really were going to do this this time around.  I nodded and told her we had to.  We had to break the mold of what we normally did and she agreed.  So, we went inside and we took a big sigh of relief.  I felt a little weird at first.  Really, if you knew us in high school when we first started hanging out and told me that in seven years we’d be sex toy shopping together I’d have laughed in your face and said “yeah, ooookay.” 

We browsed the pickings of the store we’d gone into and, to be honest, we were disappointed.  There really wasn’t much to choose from in regard to toys and, quite frankly, everything they had to choose from was horribly overpriced.  We decided to leave after we browsed the slim pickings and found another toy store in the area since we had time to kill.  This store was much more promising and the guys working were friendly, welcoming, and non intrusive.  The employees at the other store were loud, obnoxious, and didn’t even give us the time of day.

This store proved to be our gold mine.  I was like a kid in a freakin’ candy store.  They had toys I’d seen online, toys I hadn’t, and things I’d been wanting to try for reasonable prices.  Needless to say, I was kind of in love.  My best friend and I both ended up making purchases and it was a little odd, but comforting, to have the guy at the desk wash his hands and test our vibrators to make sure they worked.  He kind of looked at us with the impression that we were lesbians.  I emphasized the friend thing quite a bit, but I think he still thought we were lesbians.  I love my best friend and she’s my bestbian, but there are just some things I do not want to do with her.  Sex is one of them.

We ventured out into the world with our newly purchased toys and sat in the car for a few minutes inspecting them more.  I find it odd that she and I both bought a vibrator and a butt toy.  It’s kind of comical and amusing, to be honest.  But, it’s also great to know that I have a best friend I can trust and do these kind of things with.  Honestly, she’s the best friend a girl could ever ask for and, well, I’m damn lucky to have her in my life.

Needless to say, we had a great night and I’m looking forward to more product testing soon.