If you know me, you’ll know I have an infatuation with all things shiny, pointy, hurty, and just plain teasing.  This beautiful Wartenburg Pinwheel definitely provides all of the above to my masochistic needs, wants, and desires.

The pinwheel is generally used in BDSM and Fetish play for sensory enhancement and teasing.  The pinwheel is designed with sharp points surrounding a wheel that rotates as you roll it across your partner’s body.  The points are not dull by any stretch of the imagination and are rather sharp.  The prickly kiss of the pinwheel feels much like that of a bunch of push pins being pressed against your skin for short periods of time as the wheel travels across your body at your or your partner’s discretion.  The points are extremely sharp so definitely proceed with care and caution as you use this toy with your partner, or on yourself.  If you depress the head a little too hard on your skin, you can puncture the flesh and cause a little bit of bleeding.  If you’re into that, that’s great, but for others who aren’t just be aware of just what this pinwheel is capable of doing if used a bit too hard. 

The metal handle of the wheel is long and has a few ridges in it to enable the user to grip with ease.  Along with teasing your partner, this beautiful toy can also be used in other various ways.  If you are an experienced BDSM player, and I cannot stress the experienced part enough, and have had quite a bit of experience with electric play, the pinwheel is often used in certain scenes and settings of the sort.  The pointed ends isolate the little electric pricks on the skin as you run it along your partners body with the electrical current (usually provided by a violet wand) courses through the pinwheel.  If you do not have experience with such play, I do not encourage you to engage in it without proper training and experience.

If you’re searching for a new way to tease your partner and make him/her wiggle, yelp, whimper, whine, writhe, and beg for more, this beautiful pinwheel may be up your alley.  If you’ve been searching for a pinwheel but haven’t decided where to purchase from, head on over to Good Vibes and pick up yours today.

**This item was sent to me free of charge by Good Vibes in exchange for an honest review.**