She trembled as she stood before him, gently falling to her knees as he applied a bit of pressure to her shoulder.  She hadn’t kept up with the chores she was assigned and knew she was in a heap of trouble.  He tapped her atop her head and she bowed it slightly as he stepped away, retrieving the dreaded punishment from the chest of drawers across the room.  In one swift movement his hands were behind her head and her mouth, as well as the lower portion of her face beneath her nose, was masked behind a gag with a metal protrusion attached to the outer part.  There were many things she endured for his pleasure as well as for punishment when she had performed to his distaste.  Tonight would be miserable as were all the other nights that involved punishment of the sort.

Without lifting her head, she settled into the gag, watching as his feet moved away from her once more.  Making any slight movement would be a mistake as he had warned her so coldly as he dragged her to the bedroom by the hair.  He abhorred a filthy house and she had allowed things to pile up, putting them off because of her submission to her laziness.  Laziness was not acceptable and she would do well to remember this lesson.  He returned to her, jogging her mind out of thought to focus back on the present.  Tapping her chin softly, she lifted her head, though she kept her eyes downcast.

“You were a horrid girl this week,” he snapped bitterly.  “Nod your head if you understand your transgression.”

She nodded and kept her head lifted, though she wanted to crawl into the corner of the room and hide from her punishment.  Being beaten bloody and salted would be kinder than what she would endure over the next few hours.  The next few hours would be devoted to one room, the room she had left the dirtiest and unkempt.

“Since you decided that laziness was more important than your service to me, your laziness is going to be worked into submission.  I own you, bitch.  Do you understand?”

Again she nodded as she choked back a sob.  It pained her to hear him refer to her as such a thing, though she had well deserved the name over the past week.  With not another word, he attached a toilet brush to the protrusion on the outer part of the gag and led her, by her hair, on hands and knees to the bathroom.

Tossing her aside, he turned and left the room, knowing he did not have to say another word to her about her task at hand.  He had laid various attachments out on the counter for her to swap out to perform the cleaning process and she knew that using anything other than the gag and attachments would be a horrible mistake.  She reached for the toilet cleaner beside the toilet and lifted the seat, squirting the cleaner along the rim.  Painstakingly she scrubbed the porcelain until it gleamed, bobbing her head back and forth, side to side, her neck aching as she neared the completion of only a portion of her task.

Two hours passed as she worked vigorously, swapping her toilet brush attachment for the brush scrubber for the tub.  The tub took her the longest with the tiles and porcelain itself, though she found herself still not near completion.  She glanced at the counter to notice she had no mop attachment with which to clean the floor.  The moment she glanced at the counter he returned to the bathroom, inspecting the work she had completed thus far with a bit of a smirk.

“Are we learning our lesson little cunt?” he asked menacingly, his hand finding itself tangled in her hair as he removed her from the bathtub.  She nodded and pointed to the floor, shrugging her shoulders to indicate that she knew not what to use to scrub the floors.  With a soft chuckle he removed the tub scrubber from the protrusion and reached for her toothbrush.  She paled in horror as she pieced together what he had in mind.

“Since you feel that you have the privilege of being lazy,” he began, reaching in his back pocket to remove a roll of electrical tape, “I feel that you no longer have the privilege of a clean toothbrush.  You left my bathroom filthy for a week.  Your mouth will be filthy for a week as well.”  He taped the toothbrush to the protrusion and kicked a bucket filled with warm water and soap toward her.  “One hour is your limit.  Don’t make me hurt you.”

With vigor she bobbed her head in and out of the bucket, pressing herself to the floor to scrub it clean.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she carried out the daunting task of scrubbing the floor with only her toothbrush.  After what felt like an eternity, she completed her task, sitting on her heels as she took in the floor beneath her.  She felt a hand in her hair once more and she winced, though it was not a harsh gesture as it had been before.  He was gentle this time as he surveyed her efforts.

“See what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it?” he asked softly as he stroked her hair.  She nodded beneath his hand as she felt him unbuckle the gag to relieve her from her punishment.  “Empty the bucket and clean yourself up.  Do not think for one moment that you will be praised for your efforts.  You are not to speak to me, nor look upon me, until I say otherwise.  Once you are clean, you will make your bed in the corner of the room and be silent.”

He turned and left her in the bathroom, tears falling from her cheeks and splashing on the tile floor to cleanse it further.  She swallowed the lump in her throat as she heard him resume his work in the living room, carrying out the tasks he had given her before curling up upon the cold ground and falling into a bit of restless sleep.  She was breaking and she knew he wanted her this way.  She could feel him eyeing her as he entered the room to take his place in bed.  He would break her and humiliation was only the beginning.