Bullets are a dime a dozen and there are so many choices these days it’s insane.  Most bullets, I have found, don’t really provide the hard vibrations that I desire during play.  This bullet, though, has broken the mold of the ordinary bullets of its kind and truly blew me away and into the land of bliss and pleasure.  I found the Crystal High Intensity Bullet over at EdenFantasys, the sex store I trust, and read the raving commentary on it.  I had to try it for myself since I’m a skeptic and most vibrators that have been raved about usually don’t work for me.

This bullet is very small and can be used only for clitoral stimulation.  If used for vaginal or anal insertion, it can get lost and lead to a nasty trip the emergency room after play has finished.  This beautiful little bullet is, well, little, but it definitely gets the job done.  Running off of N batteries, provided in the packaging, this bullet provides vibrations that resonate through the shaft and end in the head, which happens to pinpoint and lock on the target, the clitoris.

The vibrations are operated by depressing the small, soft button at the base of the bullet that also unscrews to reveal the battery chamber.  The button at the base has to be held down for a few seconds in order for the bullet to rev up and provide vibrations on the hardest setting.  Once the hardest setting has been reached, the bullet kind of “clicks” to indicate that there is no further progression and it is at the max vibration it can provide.  Also, if there is any doubt that your vibrator is working, the button that you depress to activate the vibrations lights up.  If your bullet doesn’t vibrate, yet your light is on, you may have a faulty bullet.  To turn off the bullet, simply press the button which you depressed to activate the vibrations once and the bullet will become silent and still once more.

The vibrations resonate through the entire bullet, as previously stated, and makes it a bit hard to keep a grip on it during use.  The hardest setting of the bullet is not the only setting, though I focused on the hardest setting previously.  If you enjoy softer vibrations, simply hold the button until you reach the setting of your liking.  The one downfall to this vibrator, though, is that if you use it for a rather long period of time, it tends to heat up quite a bit and kind of soften a bit.  If you are one who enjoys extended play sessions or take a while to release, just be warned that the bullet will become hot to the touch and possibly cause you to stop play for a bit to cool down.

If you are worried about noise level since this vibrator packs quite a punch, do not fret.  This bullet is relatively quiet and can only slightly be heard from under the covers, though the sound that resonates is a rather dull hum.  If you live at home or with roommates and are worried about getting caught, there is no reason to worry at all unless you’re going at it on the couch where people could walk in and possibly see.

Cleaning the bullet is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Either wash the bullet with toy cleaner or with warm soap and water.  The bullet is plastic, so if you decide to share, you should be alright, but slip it inside of a condom before sharing just in case.  To store the bullet, simply place it in your side table drawer, toy bag, purse, or where ever you store your toys.  This bullet is tiny, as shown in the picture, and fits in the palm of your hand, so it is rather discreet and can be hidden with ease.

If you are searching for a rather inexpensive bullet that is discreet and great for getting the job done, head on over to EdenFantasys and get yours today!