I’d been lusting over the Ballsy cock for a while over at the sex store I trust, EdenFantasys, and decided to order it a few months back with a few other things.  Upon receiving the huge box of joy and fun, I immediately reached for the Ballsy’s packaging and immediately noticed how heavy it was.  Seriously, this is one heavy cock and I’m surprised that the hard plastic packaging it came it didn’t break or crack when I held it by the corner.  Needless to say, that didn’t deter me from breaking open the packaging to withhold my beautiful Hulk-esque cock.  And then the horror struck.

But, before I get to the horrific portion of this beautiful cock, let me give you a run down on this rather giant penis.  The Ballsy is roughly 9″ in length with an insertable length of about 7″.  It is also designed as a realistic penis with the base designed to appear as almost realistic testicles.  The shaft of the Ballsy is veined and textured much like that of a real penis.  The head is crafted as though modeled after a circumsised male.

The Ballsy is, to me, a penis that would be suitable for size queens and those who enjoy rather girthy toys.  The shaft is extremely girthy, so much so, that when I wrapped my hand around the shaft, the fingertip of my middle finger barely touched that of my thumb.  So, unless you have had extensive experience with dildos and prosthetics, as well as other large toys, I would not suggest the Ballsy as a starting toy.  Though I’m an experience user, this dildo may not appeal to all.  I have a rather tight vagina and have trouble with rather girthy toys.  If you have issues with taking toys that are a bit large and are experienced, you may not want to purchase the Ballsy as you may get nothing out of it.  However, if you do enjoy girthy, heavy dildos, then this one is probably right up your alley.  If you decide to use the Ballsy with a harness, it is harness compatible as well.

As I said before, upon opening the packaging I was horrified.  The Ballsy is made from a material called Sil-A-Gel which smells to high heaven.  I compared it to that of someone wearing stale perfume that is well over ten years old.  It, honestly, is rather overwhelming and permeates the air almost immediately upon opening the package.  I kept it in the packaging for a while in hopes that maybe the smell would go away if stored for a while.  I was wrong, completely.

Eventually, I took the Ballsy out of the packaging to air it out.  I have been airing it out for well over a month now and the smell is still just as strong as the day it came out of the packaging.  The smell also tends to cling to any fabric that it is near, so if you store it in your bed sheets, like I did, expect your bedding to smell of Sil-A-Gel.  Along with the smell, the material tends to attract dust, hair strands, and other particles surrounding it.  Needless to say, this dildo is rather high maintenance.

As far as lubrication goes, I suggest using quite a bit if you are not used to girthy toys for play.  Trust me, this cock packs a powerful punch and will stretch you a bit uncomfortable if you are not prepare for it.  If you decide to use lubricant, as I highly suggest, stick to a water based lubricant as a silicone based one may end up destroying the material of the dildo.  After use, clean the Ballsy with warm water and soap or with toy cleaner and store in a plastic bag away from your other toys.  Seriously, if you don’t want you other toys to smell of Sil-A-Gel, store this dildo in its own storage bag or box.  Another thing to note is that this dildo is not, and I repeat, not able to be sterilized.  If you decide to share, please take precautions and use condoms with others.  Also, if you decide to use this dildo for both vaginal and anal play, use a condom as this material cannot be sterilized.

So, if you think you can handle the horrid smell of Sil-A-Gel and want to test this bad boy out for yourself, you can purchase one here over at EdenFantasys!