I was excited to open the package that came from FunWares that held my first review products for them.  The Hummingbird Blossom vibrator was one of the two toys I had chosen.  I was excited to get home and try this beautiful little vibrator out for myself, though I hate to say I was a tad bit disappointed.

The Hummingbird Blossom is a simple vibrator, running off of one AA battery.  There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles to this beautiful little vibrator, but it has the potential to get the job done for those new to vibrators.  The only reason why I feel it didn’t work for me is because I am rather desensitized to soft vibrations and they tend to tease me more than please me.  To get started and ready to use the Blossom, unscrew the cap at the base of the vibrator and slide the battery in, positive side down, before replacing the cap.  To activate the vibrations, simply turn the dial and the vibrations will activate.  I will say, though, that controlling the vibrations is a little hard to handle.  What I mean by that is that if you turn the dial too far to one end, the vibrations soften or stop completely.  If you turn the dial and stop in the middle, the vibrations are the strongest, though it is rather hard to keep the dial in that one position during use.

Remember how I said it is rather tiny?  If you take a gander at the picture to the right, that is the toy in my hand.  I’ve got rather small hands, so for it to fit in the palm of it is saying something.  Though, the petite design of the vibrator makes it great to hide and travel with if you do not want others to see what you have stored in your bag.

The shaft of the Hummingbird Blossom is designed like a flower with a hummingbird resting upon the stem to act as a clitoral stimulator.  The shaft of the vibrator that runs from the base of the hummingbird to the flowered head is bumpy, reminiscent of thorns on a rose.  The bumpy texture adds a bit of pleasure while inserted in the vagina, though they aren’t firm enough to truly make a difference in the pleasure provided by the vibrations.  The head of the toy is shaped like a flower that has not bloomed yet, but is nearing the stage of blossoming.

The vibrations, I found, tend to be rather weak and felt more in the hummingbird than the shaft or the flowered head.  In all honesty, the vibrations barely reach the flowered head as they tend to all lead to the hummingbird.  If used as pure clitoral stimulation with the flower inserted, this little bird has the potential to rock your world.  Otherwise, if you’re looking for a rabbit style vibrator that has vibrations equally distributed, this is not the vibrator for you.

The Hummingbird Blossom is made from jelly, so it cannot be sterilized.  If you decide to use this with others, please practice safe sex and use a condom as the material is porous and will hold germs and such.  To clean, wash with warm water and soap and store either in your side table drawer or with your other toys.

If you’re new to sex toys and want to experience something cute and exciting, definitely invest in the beautiful little Hummingbird Blossom made by Eden.