The lovely people at FunWares sent me this beautiful ceramic dildo to review and, well, it is an amazing piece of art designed to pleasure a woman’s g-spot.  The Lovemoiselle Aveline is made completely out of ceramic and is, indeed, one of a kind.  Along the shaft of the dildo are three waves, designed to enhance the pleasure felt while this product is in use.  Aveline’s head is pointed in order to pinpoint the g-spot and provide a rather intense pleasurable sensation.  This is the first toy that I have tried since the nJoy pure wand that has been able to both stimulate my g-spot and cause me to have a g-spot orgasm.  If you have never felt such an orgasm, you need to.  The sensation is beyond words.

Aveline also has features to her that make her stand out from other dildos on the market.  The flower that is painted along the shaft is not crafted into the ceramic.  The paint job is a bit raised, which can be felt if you run your finger along the shaft.  The only concern with the paint job is that while using this product, you must be careful not to get too rough with it or you risk ruining the paint or chipping it.  This dildo is intended for more gentle, sensual play as opposed to rough, hard play. 

Aveline is a bit longer than most traditional dildos at a length of 9 inches total.  There is about 8 inches total insertable length, but I caution those who intend to use this product to be careful not to push it too far in.  There is a small rounded nub at the base of the dildo that is intended to help keep a grip on Aveline while in use.  There is also a blue silicone pad at the base that is inserted into the ceramic itself to work as a gripper during use.  The shaft itself is, according to the booklet that is included with the Aveline, is 33mm which isn’t very large.  If you are a beginner with dildos or are exploring ceramic for the first time, this one should provide the comfort and ease you seek to enjoy this beautiful pleasure object.  Be warned, though, that because there is no flared base Aveline cannot be used for anal else you run the risk of it getting lost in your bum.

Once you have finished using Aveline, simply wash with warm water and soap as ceramic is non porous and you do not run the risk of juices being locked into the material after use.  If you decide to use a lubricant, use water based as other types may react badly to the beautiful paint job on the shaft and you do not want to run the risk of ruining it.  To store, simply place Aveline in the black velveteen bag that is provided in the packaging and slip her in the drawer next to your bed.  Be careful of storing with other toys or where your bag could get stepped on as ceramic is a delicate material and can break easily.  Also, be careful when doing temperature play.  Aveline is cold to the touch and can be put in the freezer to chill even more.  Do NOT remove from freezing to extremely hot, or vice versa, immediately as the sudden change in temperature can cause the ceramic to shatter.

All in all the Lovemoiselle Aveline is by far one of my favorite dildos and I highly recommend it to anyone, beginner or not, to enjoy.