In my quest to find cute and practical sex toy storage, I happened upon the Devine Playchest over at the sex store I trust, EdenFantasys.  I had been struggling with storing all of my toys in multiple small duffel bags and when I saw the dimensions of this chest, I just had to have it.  The chest measures at 15″ in length, 8″ in width, and 10″ in height which is more spacious than the bags I had previously been using.

Upon receiving the play chest, I noted that it only came packaged in a plastic bag inside of the packing box which worried me a bit because of the potential of damaged packages en route to the post office.  Once I removed the chest from the box and the plastic wrapping, the smell of the vinyl was a bit overwhelming though the smell dissipated after I allowed it to air out.  After the bout with the rather overwhelming smell that assaulted my nostrils, I played with the chest a bit to figure out the mechanics.  The chest is lockable in order to keep others out of your personal belongings and comes with a key that is hidden in a small black vinyl pouch that is attached to the chest by a thin metal chain.  The lock, however, is a bit disappointing and doesn’t work all that well, at least on my chest, so to ensure that no one invades your privacy keep the chest out of sight if at all possible. 

On the outside of the chest are four hinges, two on each side, that serve to open the lid of the chest.  In order to open the chest, there is a button on the black flap at the top of the chest that needs to be depressed in order for it to slip through the catch.  Once the button has passed through the catch, slide the black strip toward the back of the chest and proceed to open the lid with the handles.

Inside of the chest is a firm black divider to keep your toys separated and avoid material conflicts while in storage.  The sections on each side of the divider are deep.  When I say deep, I mean really deep.  Let’s put it into perspective.  I own a little over 60 toys at the moment.  About 95% of my collection fits on either side of the dividers, though some of the bulkier items, such as glass that are stored in protective pouches, are not able to fit inside this chest.  There are three mesh pouches on the inside as well that are perfect for storing bullets and vibrators that are about 6″-7″ in length.  On a personal note, I am able to store both my Lelo Liv and Lelo Gigi in one of the mesh pouches on the inside of the lid.

Once you’ve gotten into your devine chest and filled it with wonderful treasures, simply close the lids and slide the black strip back through the handles and latch the button to make sure that it is closed completely.  Use the key to lock the case and you’re good to go.  If you intend to travel, this case would serve as a great carry on, though be careful of checking it or letting it out of your hands as the lock isn’t very reliable and the case could open if you’re not careful.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to EdenFantasys and get yours today!