Degraded Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 

She trembled as she stood before him, gently falling to her knees as he applied a bit of pressure to her shoulder.  She hadn’t kept up with the chores she was assigned and knew she was in a heap of trouble.  He tapped her atop her head and she bowed it slightly as he stepped away, retrieving the dreaded punishment from the chest of drawers across the room.  In one swift movement his hands were behind her head and her mouth, as well as the lower portion of her face beneath her nose, was masked behind a gag with a metal protrusion attached to the outer part.  There were many things she endured for his pleasure as well as for punishment when she had performed to his distaste.  Tonight would be miserable as were all the other nights that involved punishment of the sort.

Without lifting her head, she settled into the gag, watching as his feet moved away from her once more.  Making any slight movement would be a mistake as he had warned her so coldly as he dragged her to the bedroom by the hair.  He abhorred a filthy house and she had allowed things to pile up, putting them off because of her submission to her laziness.  Laziness was not acceptable and she would do well to remember this lesson.  He returned to her, jogging her mind out of thought to focus back on the present.  Tapping her chin softly, she lifted her head, though she kept her eyes downcast.

“You were a horrid girl this week,” he snapped bitterly.  “Nod your head if you understand your transgression.”

She nodded and kept her head lifted, though she wanted to crawl into the corner of the room and hide from her punishment.  Being beaten bloody and salted would be kinder than what she would endure over the next few hours.  The next few hours would be devoted to one room, the room she had left the dirtiest and unkempt.

“Since you decided that laziness was more important than your service to me, your laziness is going to be worked into submission.  I own you, bitch.  Do you understand?”

Again she nodded as she choked back a sob.  It pained her to hear him refer to her as such a thing, though she had well deserved the name over the past week.  With not another word, he attached a toilet brush to the protrusion on the outer part of the gag and led her, by her hair, on hands and knees to the bathroom. (more…)

Willful Punishment Thursday, Aug 19 2010 

Kisses so tender and sweet gently graced her body as she shuddered in delight and agony.  Each kiss would cause her to raise her bottom to beg for more and they made her whimper and cry with delight.  Her body ached to feel those beautiful kisses, those delicious, sinister bites.  In the same bated breath, she whimpered and begged for him to stop.  The chuckle that erupted from deep down tormented her ears as she felt the bite of the beautiful cane once more.

“Why ever would you want me to stop?” he asked snidely.

“Please, Sir,” she begged softly, “my bottom hurts horribly.”

“Oh, well I am sorry for causing you such pain.  Wait, I take that back.  Truly I am not.  After all, it is not your bottom now is it?”

“No, Sir.  It is not.”

With another swift swish and flick of the cane, her bottom seared in pain, agony, and delight all in the same breath.  Her soft, curved back arched a bit as she took one a deep, staggered breath.  She could not help but find pain and agony beneath his cane and his hand.  Deep inside, in the pit of her belly, she knew this pain is what she craved and desired.  With each shriek and scream she released all the suppressed emotions and feelings she had bottled up for so long.  The freedom from the bonds of her past and agony had been reached, though she never would have thought to find that freedom in servitude and succumbing to the will of another.  (more…)