After blogging with two friends in the past year, I decided to go ahead and create my own blog.  Why?  Well, to keep their blogs more personal and to make mine personal as well.  So, why not?  I figured I’d give it a shot.   I’m not used to the whole blogging culture or whatnot, so forgive me if I don’t post every day or go multiple days without a post and such.  I have a busy life and, well, this is for fun and to try to keep you all up to date with what is going on in my world.

That being said, hello to all new and old friends and to those who have stumbled upon this blog by chance.  I am looking forward to trying this out for myself and running my own site.  It’s going to take a while for me to get it the way that I want it, but for now it is what it is.

So, welcome!  And enjoy!