Ballsy Review Saturday, Sep 4 2010 

I’d been lusting over the Ballsy cock for a while over at the sex store I trust, EdenFantasys, and decided to order it a few months back with a few other things.  Upon receiving the huge box of joy and fun, I immediately reached for the Ballsy’s packaging and immediately noticed how heavy it was.  Seriously, this is one heavy cock and I’m surprised that the hard plastic packaging it came it didn’t break or crack when I held it by the corner.  Needless to say, that didn’t deter me from breaking open the packaging to withhold my beautiful Hulk-esque cock.  And then the horror struck.

But, before I get to the horrific portion of this beautiful cock, let me give you a run down on this rather giant penis.  The Ballsy is roughly 9″ in length with an insertable length of about 7″.  It is also designed as a realistic penis with the base designed to appear as almost realistic testicles.  The shaft of the Ballsy is veined and textured much like that of a real penis.  The head is crafted as though modeled after a circumsised male.

The Ballsy is, to me, a penis that would be suitable for size queens and those who enjoy rather girthy toys.  The shaft is extremely girthy, so much so, that when I wrapped my hand around the shaft, the fingertip of my middle finger barely touched that of my thumb.  So, unless you have had extensive experience with dildos and prosthetics, as well as other large toys, I would not suggest the Ballsy as a starting toy.  Though I’m an experience user, this dildo may not appeal to all.  I have a rather tight vagina and have trouble with rather girthy toys.  If you have issues with taking toys that are a bit large and are experienced, you may not want to purchase the Ballsy as you may get nothing out of it.  However, if you do enjoy girthy, heavy dildos, then this one is probably right up your alley.  If you decide to use the Ballsy with a harness, it is harness compatible as well. (more…)

What a Week Wednesday, Sep 1 2010 

So, I feel like I’m a jumbled mess right now.  For real, it’s been crazy.  To start things, my job has been giving me so much grief that I dread going to work.  I used to love my job and, quite frankly, things have gotten a bit too hectic for my liking.  Most of the reason is the horrid management quality of my boss.  But, this too shall pass.  It’s been nice having a day off and, to be extra nice, he let me off for the day today as well.  I’m happy for that since I have a crap ton of things to get done today.

I’ve been horribly emotional the past few days and I reached my breaking point the other night.  I literally sobbed for about ten minutes straight because the stress had gotten to be too much.  That and my hormones are stupidly out of whack.  The downfall to having to take out my NuvaRing every three weeks is that I have to deal with the hormone imbalance that my birth control helps to level out.  So, naturally, I’m a bit of a basket case and I’m not afraid to admit it.  At least, I feel like one.

I’ve had a few saving graces this week, though.  First of all, I got a job I’d been trying to get for a while now for my weekends when I’m not working my job I’m at now.  The extra income will be nice and hopefully help with my financial situation with school.  I’m still waiting for an answer from the appeals committee as to whether or not they decided to grant my appeal or not.  Needless to say, it’s been two weeks and I’m on pins and needles with anticipation.  I just want to know yes or no, though I’m bracing myself for a no.  I should look into stripping if that’s the case.

My best friend has been there for me a lot this week and it’s been extremely helpful.  She listens to me and it’s nice to know that she cares.  Also, another person has been rather influential in improving my mood and helping me to get through the massive shit pile I’ve been trudging through.  He was there to listen to me cry, to make me feel better, and just to be there.  It was a huge comfort and, honestly, talking to him about things has really been helping me sleep at night.  Last night was the first night in about a week that I actually slept.  The total hours of sleep count for the past five nights is a grand total of 20 hours.  Oh yeah.  I told you it was bad.

Needless to say, things are starting to look up, but my life is still one hectic ball rolling down the hill with no sign of stopping any time soon.

Crystal Bullet Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

Bullets are a dime a dozen and there are so many choices these days it’s insane.  Most bullets, I have found, don’t really provide the hard vibrations that I desire during play.  This bullet, though, has broken the mold of the ordinary bullets of its kind and truly blew me away and into the land of bliss and pleasure.  I found the Crystal High Intensity Bullet over at EdenFantasys, the sex store I trust, and read the raving commentary on it.  I had to try it for myself since I’m a skeptic and most vibrators that have been raved about usually don’t work for me.

This bullet is very small and can be used only for clitoral stimulation.  If used for vaginal or anal insertion, it can get lost and lead to a nasty trip the emergency room after play has finished.  This beautiful little bullet is, well, little, but it definitely gets the job done.  Running off of N batteries, provided in the packaging, this bullet provides vibrations that resonate through the shaft and end in the head, which happens to pinpoint and lock on the target, the clitoris.

The vibrations are operated by depressing the small, soft button at the base of the bullet that also unscrews to reveal the battery chamber.  The button at the base has to be held down for a few seconds in order for the bullet to rev up and provide vibrations on the hardest setting.  Once the hardest setting has been reached, the bullet kind of “clicks” to indicate that there is no further progression and it is at the max vibration it can provide.  Also, if there is any doubt that your vibrator is working, the button that you depress to activate the vibrations lights up.  If your bullet doesn’t vibrate, yet your light is on, you may have a faulty bullet.  To turn off the bullet, simply press the button which you depressed to activate the vibrations once and the bullet will become silent and still once more. (more…)

Fairy Mini Wand Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

Being a fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand, I didn’t think that I would ever find a wand that would live up to its standard.  When EdenFantasys, the sex store I trust, launched the Fairy line I just had to try it out for myself.  My Hitachi now has serious competition with this beautiful massager.

The Fairy Mini Wand Massager is a powerful vibrator that does not run off of batteries.  That’s right, ladies and gents.  This lovely massager can be plugged into the wall and will not lose its power due to use or dying batteries.  Along with being used for sexual enjoyment and rather intense orgasms, this beautiful wand can be used to massage sore muscles in the back, legs, and even the arms.  The fact that it has multiple uses makes it a wonderful item to add to any collection, at least that’s my opinion.

The Fairy Mini is operated by first being plugged into a wall, extension cord, power strip, or where ever you plug your electronics.  The dial located in the pink portion of the wand is used to operate the vibration settings.  Unlike the Hitachi, the Fairy Mini has multiple settings that range from soft to hard.  To activate the vibrations, simply turn the dial up toward the head and the vibrations will resonate immediately in the head at the top of the massager.  The vibrations of this wand are located directly in the head and there is little to no vibration felt in the shaft during use.  The lack of vibration in the shaft makes it easier to grip the wand during use.  (more…)

HNT – Plaid Princess Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 

Well, darlings, it’s that time of the week again and this is an easy post for me to make with school and such.  I present to you my infamous plaid bra and panty set.  I effing LOVE this set that I purchased a few months ago.  So, I hope you love it just as much as I do.

What’s coming up here at my little ol’ space?  Well, I’m going to be throwing up two new reviews this weekend as well as working on part seven of Office Lust.  I know, I promised that last week, but life got busy.  Don’t hurt me too much!  I’m working with what I have at the moment.

Also, I’ve committed myself to losing 30 pounds by the end of the year, so I will probably be updating on my weight loss as soon as I get a reliable scale that isn’t ancient like the ones provided at the gym.  I hate those ones you have to slide across to figure out how much you weigh.  I don’t ever find them to be accurate.

So, here it is, folks.  Happy HNT y’all!

Degraded Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 

She trembled as she stood before him, gently falling to her knees as he applied a bit of pressure to her shoulder.  She hadn’t kept up with the chores she was assigned and knew she was in a heap of trouble.  He tapped her atop her head and she bowed it slightly as he stepped away, retrieving the dreaded punishment from the chest of drawers across the room.  In one swift movement his hands were behind her head and her mouth, as well as the lower portion of her face beneath her nose, was masked behind a gag with a metal protrusion attached to the outer part.  There were many things she endured for his pleasure as well as for punishment when she had performed to his distaste.  Tonight would be miserable as were all the other nights that involved punishment of the sort.

Without lifting her head, she settled into the gag, watching as his feet moved away from her once more.  Making any slight movement would be a mistake as he had warned her so coldly as he dragged her to the bedroom by the hair.  He abhorred a filthy house and she had allowed things to pile up, putting them off because of her submission to her laziness.  Laziness was not acceptable and she would do well to remember this lesson.  He returned to her, jogging her mind out of thought to focus back on the present.  Tapping her chin softly, she lifted her head, though she kept her eyes downcast.

“You were a horrid girl this week,” he snapped bitterly.  “Nod your head if you understand your transgression.”

She nodded and kept her head lifted, though she wanted to crawl into the corner of the room and hide from her punishment.  Being beaten bloody and salted would be kinder than what she would endure over the next few hours.  The next few hours would be devoted to one room, the room she had left the dirtiest and unkempt.

“Since you decided that laziness was more important than your service to me, your laziness is going to be worked into submission.  I own you, bitch.  Do you understand?”

Again she nodded as she choked back a sob.  It pained her to hear him refer to her as such a thing, though she had well deserved the name over the past week.  With not another word, he attached a toilet brush to the protrusion on the outer part of the gag and led her, by her hair, on hands and knees to the bathroom. (more…)

Back to School Tuesday, Aug 24 2010 

It’s that time of year again and, to be honest, I’m excited.  Why am I excited about school?  I’m in the final stretch and I can see home plate.  I am graduating in May with both of my degrees and telling college to kiss my ass goodbye.

I went to my first class yesterday and am waiting for my class to start for today.  I’m only taking two classes physically on campus, so it’s nice to only come for a little portion of the day.  I’m also taking the time before class to work out and get my body into more shape.  I haven’t updated since I started this little blog o’ mine, but I’ve lost 20 pounds to date.  I’m determined to lose 30 more by the end of the year, so I’m keeping up with working out and getting this fat ass into shape.

With school comes more responsibility, homework, studying, and all that other fun stuff, so my posting here is going to become scarce during the semester until about December.  I’m apologizing in advance to those of you who read, but I have to do what I have to do sometimes.  I will be doing product reviews still on the weekends and when I have free time during the week, but I honestly have my priorities with my grades right now.  However, there is ALWAYS time to fuck myself and tell you all about it ;).

That’s it for my rambling o’ the day.  Catch y’all again soon!

Blue Clit Eater Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

I adore clitoris focused vibrators and the Blue Venus External Vibrator is a wonderful vibrator to tease and tantalize the clitoris.  The packaging for the vibrator describes this beautiful vibrator as such: “This firm, curvy, waterproof vibrator specializes in buzz, two different ways!”  I was a bit skeptical at first since I am usually disappointed in vibrators that are designed specifically for the clitoris.  In my experience, I have purchased the “powerful” clitoral vibrators only to be left hanging and wondering when the earth shattering orgasm was going to erupt from the awesome and stupendous power of the vibrator.  This vibrator has lived up to the description provided by the manufacturer.

Before I delve into the vibrator itself, let me give you a few of the specifics.  This vibrator is 6.5″ in length and 1.25″ in girth, so it’s a pretty realistic sized vibrator.  The material is velvety smooth and made of ABS which is easily cleaned with warn water and soap after use, though I recommend using a condom if you intend to share with others.  The head of the vibrator has a scooped portion that nestles nicely into the hood over the clitoris to provide stimulation in a more spread out manner.  The pointed tip behind the scooped portion is designed to stimulate the clitoris directly and the vibrations are more centralized in the tip as opposed to the scooped portion. (more…)

Pinwheel O’ Fun Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

If you know me, you’ll know I have an infatuation with all things shiny, pointy, hurty, and just plain teasing.  This beautiful Wartenburg Pinwheel definitely provides all of the above to my masochistic needs, wants, and desires.

The pinwheel is generally used in BDSM and Fetish play for sensory enhancement and teasing.  The pinwheel is designed with sharp points surrounding a wheel that rotates as you roll it across your partner’s body.  The points are not dull by any stretch of the imagination and are rather sharp.  The prickly kiss of the pinwheel feels much like that of a bunch of push pins being pressed against your skin for short periods of time as the wheel travels across your body at your or your partner’s discretion.  The points are extremely sharp so definitely proceed with care and caution as you use this toy with your partner, or on yourself.  If you depress the head a little too hard on your skin, you can puncture the flesh and cause a little bit of bleeding.  If you’re into that, that’s great, but for others who aren’t just be aware of just what this pinwheel is capable of doing if used a bit too hard.  (more…)

Adventures in Toyland Saturday, Aug 21 2010 

So, my best friend and I have a weekend tradition.  We go to the movies, grab a bite to eat, and just generally hang out.  Well, we do something as well to kill time before a movie.  Something odd that most best friends don’t do, though I don’t doubt there are people like us out there as well that do something similar.

For months we would decide to drive by the local toy store close to the movie house and every time we drove past it we would chicken out and not go in.  I’ve been in sex toy stores before and, well, I don’t like going in when there are copious amounts of people browsing and shopping.  Something about creepy toothless guys looking at pocket pussies and eyeing the girls walking around just bothers me.  Last night, though, we decided we weren’t going to chicken out.  Last night, we ventured into our first physical toy store together.

It was kind of comical, to say the least.  My best friend turned to look at me when she parked the car and asked if we really were going to do this this time around.  I nodded and told her we had to.  We had to break the mold of what we normally did and she agreed.  So, we went inside and we took a big sigh of relief.  I felt a little weird at first.  Really, if you knew us in high school when we first started hanging out and told me that in seven years we’d be sex toy shopping together I’d have laughed in your face and said “yeah, ooookay.”  (more…)

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