I wrote about my battle of the bulge back when I started this blog and, well, the battle has been started all over again.  I got lazy with school and didn’t take the time to care about myself and what I was doing to my body.  The disgusting thing about it was that I was eating almost an entire pizza when I’d order out, double orders of food, and horrible amounts of crap.  I’m not lying.  It’s disgusting and horrible to admit, but it happened and I’m changing that.

I decided a few months ago to join weight watchers and I let life get in the way and lost control again.  I let it go and didn’t bother to update it for a few months.  I decided about three weeks ago that enough was enough and I started tracking everything I was eating again.  I started to feel better, but I needed to take another step toward reaching my weight loss goals.  I needed more exercise.  I planned on going to the gym at school in the mornings, but I had made that promise to myself before and it never happened.  Once I get to school, I’m in absolutely no mood to go work out, get sweaty, shower there, and proceed to go to class.  I’d rather just show up ready to go.  I took an alternate route and signed up for a gym membership closer to home and I got my mom to do it with me.  This was the best decision and investment I have made this year thus far.  Well, aside from my romantic choice of course.

Since I started this battle over again, I have lost a total of 11 pounds.  That’s a lot of weight and I’m thrilled.  Feeling my clothes fit looser and my boobs not be as massive is a wonderful feeling.  It feels nice to throw my arm over my stomach and feel it going down a little bit each day.  I’m actually meeting my goals for the first time in a year.  Let’s just hope I keep this up.