Epiphora’s Extravaganza Monday, Oct 4 2010 

First off, the photo to the right isn’t mine.  I posted it to go along with this post about Epiphora’s giveaway.  The photo to the right is her avatar and, well, I figured it would be fitting since I’m writing about here.

So, if you don’t know Ephiphora, she’s pretty nifty.  Seriously.  She’s been blogging for two years as well as contributing her always welcome snarky, but tasteful, comments about other occurrences in life.

She’s giving away some great prizes, one of which is the Jollies Jollet that I entered to win.  So, if you want to read quality reviews as well as enter this awesome contest, head on over to Hey, Ephiphora! and enter today!

Ina vs. Mona Thursday, Jun 3 2010 

So, have you heard of Eden Cafe?  If you have, wonderful.  If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!  Eden Cafe is a blog owned by Eden Fantasys.  It is a sex positive blog that is composed of articles submitted by many in the sex community.  It is a collection of different thoughts, ideals, and life experiences from many different men and women.  Along with these fabulous articles, Eden Cafe hosts contests as well.  Wonderful contests at that!

This week’s contest is for a chance to win one of Lelo’s fine luxury vibrators, the Ina or the Mona.  These are both beautiful vibrators and quite sought after.  Wouldn’t you like to have one of these gorgeous creations in your toy box?  Well, you can!  Just click the link and enter for your chance to win!