Devine Playchest Review Monday, Jan 10 2011 

In my quest to find cute and practical sex toy storage, I happened upon the Devine Playchest over at the sex store I trust, EdenFantasys.  I had been struggling with storing all of my toys in multiple small duffel bags and when I saw the dimensions of this chest, I just had to have it.  The chest measures at 15″ in length, 8″ in width, and 10″ in height which is more spacious than the bags I had previously been using.

Upon receiving the play chest, I noted that it only came packaged in a plastic bag inside of the packing box which worried me a bit because of the potential of damaged packages en route to the post office.  Once I removed the chest from the box and the plastic wrapping, the smell of the vinyl was a bit overwhelming though the smell dissipated after I allowed it to air out.  After the bout with the rather overwhelming smell that assaulted my nostrils, I played with the chest a bit to figure out the mechanics.  The chest is lockable in order to keep others out of your personal belongings and comes with a key that is hidden in a small black vinyl pouch that is attached to the chest by a thin metal chain.  The lock, however, is a bit disappointing and doesn’t work all that well, at least on my chest, so to ensure that no one invades your privacy keep the chest out of sight if at all possible.  (more…)

Ballsy Review Saturday, Sep 4 2010 

I’d been lusting over the Ballsy cock for a while over at the sex store I trust, EdenFantasys, and decided to order it a few months back with a few other things.  Upon receiving the huge box of joy and fun, I immediately reached for the Ballsy’s packaging and immediately noticed how heavy it was.  Seriously, this is one heavy cock and I’m surprised that the hard plastic packaging it came it didn’t break or crack when I held it by the corner.  Needless to say, that didn’t deter me from breaking open the packaging to withhold my beautiful Hulk-esque cock.  And then the horror struck.

But, before I get to the horrific portion of this beautiful cock, let me give you a run down on this rather giant penis.  The Ballsy is roughly 9″ in length with an insertable length of about 7″.  It is also designed as a realistic penis with the base designed to appear as almost realistic testicles.  The shaft of the Ballsy is veined and textured much like that of a real penis.  The head is crafted as though modeled after a circumsised male.

The Ballsy is, to me, a penis that would be suitable for size queens and those who enjoy rather girthy toys.  The shaft is extremely girthy, so much so, that when I wrapped my hand around the shaft, the fingertip of my middle finger barely touched that of my thumb.  So, unless you have had extensive experience with dildos and prosthetics, as well as other large toys, I would not suggest the Ballsy as a starting toy.  Though I’m an experience user, this dildo may not appeal to all.  I have a rather tight vagina and have trouble with rather girthy toys.  If you have issues with taking toys that are a bit large and are experienced, you may not want to purchase the Ballsy as you may get nothing out of it.  However, if you do enjoy girthy, heavy dildos, then this one is probably right up your alley.  If you decide to use the Ballsy with a harness, it is harness compatible as well. (more…)

Crystal Bullet Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

Bullets are a dime a dozen and there are so many choices these days it’s insane.  Most bullets, I have found, don’t really provide the hard vibrations that I desire during play.  This bullet, though, has broken the mold of the ordinary bullets of its kind and truly blew me away and into the land of bliss and pleasure.  I found the Crystal High Intensity Bullet over at EdenFantasys, the sex store I trust, and read the raving commentary on it.  I had to try it for myself since I’m a skeptic and most vibrators that have been raved about usually don’t work for me.

This bullet is very small and can be used only for clitoral stimulation.  If used for vaginal or anal insertion, it can get lost and lead to a nasty trip the emergency room after play has finished.  This beautiful little bullet is, well, little, but it definitely gets the job done.  Running off of N batteries, provided in the packaging, this bullet provides vibrations that resonate through the shaft and end in the head, which happens to pinpoint and lock on the target, the clitoris.

The vibrations are operated by depressing the small, soft button at the base of the bullet that also unscrews to reveal the battery chamber.  The button at the base has to be held down for a few seconds in order for the bullet to rev up and provide vibrations on the hardest setting.  Once the hardest setting has been reached, the bullet kind of “clicks” to indicate that there is no further progression and it is at the max vibration it can provide.  Also, if there is any doubt that your vibrator is working, the button that you depress to activate the vibrations lights up.  If your bullet doesn’t vibrate, yet your light is on, you may have a faulty bullet.  To turn off the bullet, simply press the button which you depressed to activate the vibrations once and the bullet will become silent and still once more. (more…)

Fairy Mini Wand Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

Being a fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand, I didn’t think that I would ever find a wand that would live up to its standard.  When EdenFantasys, the sex store I trust, launched the Fairy line I just had to try it out for myself.  My Hitachi now has serious competition with this beautiful massager.

The Fairy Mini Wand Massager is a powerful vibrator that does not run off of batteries.  That’s right, ladies and gents.  This lovely massager can be plugged into the wall and will not lose its power due to use or dying batteries.  Along with being used for sexual enjoyment and rather intense orgasms, this beautiful wand can be used to massage sore muscles in the back, legs, and even the arms.  The fact that it has multiple uses makes it a wonderful item to add to any collection, at least that’s my opinion.

The Fairy Mini is operated by first being plugged into a wall, extension cord, power strip, or where ever you plug your electronics.  The dial located in the pink portion of the wand is used to operate the vibration settings.  Unlike the Hitachi, the Fairy Mini has multiple settings that range from soft to hard.  To activate the vibrations, simply turn the dial up toward the head and the vibrations will resonate immediately in the head at the top of the massager.  The vibrations of this wand are located directly in the head and there is little to no vibration felt in the shaft during use.  The lack of vibration in the shaft makes it easier to grip the wand during use.  (more…)

Adorable, but Ineffective Thursday, Aug 12 2010 

I adore Hello Kitty, so much so that I have Hello Kitty car mats and a steering wheel cover in my car.  I know it’s childish.  Stop laughing at me!  Needless to say, my love for Hello Kitty accelerated when I saw this cute pocket rocket with her on top over at my favorite sex store, EdenFantasys!  I had to have her and I was super excited when she arrived on my door step.  I brought her to my room, unscrewed the base to place two AAA batteries in the chamber before screwing the base back on to get her going.  And then the disappointment struck.

The Hello Kitty pocket rocket is small and compact, which makes her discreet enough for traveling, keeping in your purse, and storing in your room or place of choice.  When it comes to actually using this pocket rocket, though, you may not achieve the orgasm that you are aiming for.  The vibrations that this pocket rocket produces are not strong by any means or stretch of the imagination, which leaves it lacking in the crucial department of “pleasure giving”.  If you are one who enjoys soft, teasing vibrations then the Hello Kitty pocket rocket may be right up your alley. (more…)

Beautiful Letdown Wednesday, Aug 11 2010 

I recently purchased the LayaSpot vibrator manufactured by Fun Factory over at EdenFantasys, the sex shop I trust, and I was ecstatic when I received it in my rather large shipment.  I absolutely couldn’t wait to unscrew the beautiful magenta cap at the tip and insert the two AAA batteries I had waiting to get down to business.  But, the sad part is, folks, that when I went to use this beautiful little vibrator on my clitoris I was horribly disappointed at how light the vibrations were.

Laya came packaged in a beautiful box, as shown to the left, and included an instruction manual with many different languages on how to use her.  She also came packaged with a bit of personal massage oil that I didn’t try to use as I’m allergic to most oils and lubricants.  Upon removing her from the packaging, I noticed that she fits in the palm of my hand.  Laya is very small and discreet, so hiding her is easy peasy for someone who lives at home, in a dorm, or just really doesn’t want any prying eyes to see.  The coloring of the material is beautiful and vibrant, more so than the photos provided online.  Needless to say, she’s quite the beauty, but when it comes to getting the job done, she is seriously lacking.  (more…)

General Frustration Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

It’s already been one of those weeks and I’m ready for my weekend, even though I’ve only got two days to myself.  I really need to stop being so nice and willing to cover shifts that the other girl is supposed to work especially since I had requested off for this Saturday.  It’s my own fault, but really when it comes down to it I like my job and I’ll do it when I need to do it.  I know that I’ll do it right and, well, the other girl that works with me doesn’t really do her job correctly.  It’s a Catch 22, but I subject myself to it.  I’m my own worst enemy sometimes.

Today was full of fail, and I’m going to talk about the fail whale before I talk about the good things that have happened in the past few days.  Why?  Because I want to get them out of the way right here and now.  Today was one of those days.  Traffic, construction, near lateness for work, and all the while I needed to vent.  Who did I turn to?  I turned to my mother and I was met with “you bitch too much and are going to have a heart attack with as much stress as you put yourself under by the time you’re thirty.”  Hold the fucking phone, bitch.  You constantly bitch about everything wrong in your life all the time to me, yet I have one bad day and you give me that shit?  Fuck you with a twelve foot pole.  I’m so sick and tired of not being able to vent and let out my frustrations with my family.  It’s getting real old real fast.  And, of course, she doesn’t understand how my job can be so draining when I do “nothing”.  Well, dear bitch, I do shit during the day that is emotionally draining.  Sitting and staring at a computer for hours on end can be draining too.  You should try it once in a while.  Oh, wait, that’s right.  You don’t HAVE a job.  Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. (more…)

Row With Me Thursday, Jun 10 2010 

If you didn’t catch the title, it’s the theme song to Flipper.  I thought it to be appropriate to think of while reviewing the double power dolphin that I purchased from the sex shop I trust.  This rabbit vibrator is one of the first that I purchased from EdenFantasys and my first rabbit style vibrator ever.  I found it wonderful for dual stimulation of my clitoris and of my g-spot when inserted.  It helped me to achieve a rather powerful orgasm my first few times using this particular vibrator.  Because of the dolphin placed on top of the vibrator, using this toy anally is a possibility as the dolphin will keep the toy from sliding in and getting lost inside.

The double power dolphin is made from PVC which is very much rubber-like and soft.  Though it is soft, it will not lose its shape or form over time which is ideal if you intend to use this vibrator rather often.  If you decide to use lubricant, use either water based or silicone lubricants only as other types may cause damage to the material.  PVC is easily cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap and can be stored with your other toys in your toy bag or in your side drawer.

Onto the toy itself.  The double power dolphin runs off of two AA batteries that are inserted in the base of the vibrator.  The base screws off to reveal the chamber in which to place the batteries.  There is a sticker on the inside indicating to insert the batteries with the + side down.  Replacing the cap is a bit tricky and a slight pain in the tush.  The cap, on mine at least, does not screw on properly and pops off if I screw it a bit too much.  It’s mildly frustrating and there really is no true way of telling if the cap is securely fastened unless you screw it until it pops off.  That is on mine at least and may not be the case for others.  At the base of the cap is a dial that is very sensitive to the touch and turns with ease to control the vibration functions.  The vibrations gradually increase as you turn the dial clockwise until you can turn it no more.  There are three vibration settings to cycle through which are soft, medium, and hard. (more…)

Sinful Symphony Wednesday, Jun 9 2010 

I have experienced quite a few different sex toys since I began my reviewing career almost a year ago.  I have found that I enjoy silicone the most and decided to splurge a bit on a bit of a luxury vibrator, to me at least.  I decided on the Sinfonia and I am glad that I decided to add this beautiful vibrator to my ever growing collection from the sex store I trust.

Made of silicone, the Sinfonia made my experience with penetration much easier and softer for me to handle.  The material itself is soft and pliable, which makes it extremely easy to maneuver in and out of the vagina and I suggest this vibrator for vaginal use only as it has no flared base to keep from sliding in too far if used for anal purposes.

The Sinfonia comes packaged in a beautiful box with a picture of the vibrator on the top as well as a couple.  There are two drawers to the box and the top portion lifts to reveal the sinfonia resting in its designated place.  The top drawer of the box holds the sinfonia and has a portion cut out of the bottom to fit the vibrator securely.  It does not move around or fall out of the designated space for it once placed for storage.  The bottom drawer contains quite a few additional items and accessories for the sinfonia.  In the bottom drawer is packaged a small bottle of lubricant, a packet of toy cleaner, a silicone ring that I am assuming is for a cock, though I am not entirely sure what its use is intended for, a manual about the sinfonia, a purple velvet storage pouch, and a set of two AAA batteries that the sinfonia runs off of.  I warn, though, that the batteries with my vibrator did not work and I had to purchase new ones before I could use my sinfonia. (more…)

Ina vs. Mona Thursday, Jun 3 2010 

So, have you heard of Eden Cafe?  If you have, wonderful.  If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!  Eden Cafe is a blog owned by Eden Fantasys.  It is a sex positive blog that is composed of articles submitted by many in the sex community.  It is a collection of different thoughts, ideals, and life experiences from many different men and women.  Along with these fabulous articles, Eden Cafe hosts contests as well.  Wonderful contests at that!

This week’s contest is for a chance to win one of Lelo’s fine luxury vibrators, the Ina or the Mona.  These are both beautiful vibrators and quite sought after.  Wouldn’t you like to have one of these gorgeous creations in your toy box?  Well, you can!  Just click the link and enter for your chance to win!