Lovemoiselle Aveline Review Friday, Jan 7 2011 

The lovely people at FunWares sent me this beautiful ceramic dildo to review and, well, it is an amazing piece of art designed to pleasure a woman’s g-spot.  The Lovemoiselle Aveline is made completely out of ceramic and is, indeed, one of a kind.  Along the shaft of the dildo are three waves, designed to enhance the pleasure felt while this product is in use.  Aveline’s head is pointed in order to pinpoint the g-spot and provide a rather intense pleasurable sensation.  This is the first toy that I have tried since the nJoy pure wand that has been able to both stimulate my g-spot and cause me to have a g-spot orgasm.  If you have never felt such an orgasm, you need to.  The sensation is beyond words.

Aveline also has features to her that make her stand out from other dildos on the market.  The flower that is painted along the shaft is not crafted into the ceramic.  The paint job is a bit raised, which can be felt if you run your finger along the shaft.  The only concern with the paint job is that while using this product, you must be careful not to get too rough with it or you risk ruining the paint or chipping it.  This dildo is intended for more gentle, sensual play as opposed to rough, hard play.  (more…)

Hummingbird Blossom Review Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

I was excited to open the package that came from FunWares that held my first review products for them.  The Hummingbird Blossom vibrator was one of the two toys I had chosen.  I was excited to get home and try this beautiful little vibrator out for myself, though I hate to say I was a tad bit disappointed.

The Hummingbird Blossom is a simple vibrator, running off of one AA battery.  There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles to this beautiful little vibrator, but it has the potential to get the job done for those new to vibrators.  The only reason why I feel it didn’t work for me is because I am rather desensitized to soft vibrations and they tend to tease me more than please me.  To get started and ready to use the Blossom, unscrew the cap at the base of the vibrator and slide the battery in, positive side down, before replacing the cap.  To activate the vibrations, simply turn the dial and the vibrations will activate.  I will say, though, that controlling the vibrations is a little hard to handle.  What I mean by that is that if you turn the dial too far to one end, the vibrations soften or stop completely.  If you turn the dial and stop in the middle, the vibrations are the strongest, though it is rather hard to keep the dial in that one position during use. (more…)

Silky G Vibrator Review Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

What better way to come back to my blog than to post a new product review?  Well, I think it’s a great way to come back personally.  A few weeks ago, I was approached by FunWares and asked to become a part of their review program.  I accepted, gratefully, and in return for my acceptance they sent me this beautiful Evolved Waterproof Silky G Vibrator.

This vibrator is absolutely amazing and left me trembling once I had reached my climax several times.  I was stunned because, personally, I have difficulty orgasming multiple times in one session of play.  I tend to get overly sensitive, but this vibrator definitely broke the mold of what I am used to when it comes to solo play.  But, before I delve more into my experience with this beautiful vibrator, let me tell you about it first!

The Silky G is made from hard silicone which leaves it able to be sterilized should you decide to share this with other partners.  This vibrator is designed the penetrate the vagina and reach that often hard to find g-spot.  The head of the vibrator is curved in order for it to reach the g-spot and massage it upon insertion, though be warned that the curved head is a bit intimidating.  The vibrator is extremely firm, which leaves no room for it to move with your body or contour to your inner walls.  The head of the vibrator is pointed and can cause pain if you suffer from pelvic issues and toys getting caught on it during play.  Because of the curved head, I would not recommend this for anal play as it could cause extreme discomfort during use.  (more…)