New Year, New Start Friday, Jan 7 2011 

Hello all of you fabulous readers out there and happy new year!  Yes, I got real quiet over the past few months and I sincerely apologize.  School and life got in the way of a lot of things that kept me from my blog.  Plus, it really sucked not having a power cord to my lap top and such.

So, now that I’m back one of my resolutions is to provide you all with more substance and meat.  More stories, reviews, and HNT posts are in the works and I promise that updating Office Lust is one of my first tasks after I finish the outstanding reviews I have.

So, before my hiatus I was accepted to Pink Cherry’s review program and am still working on my things for FunWares.  So, what do I have up and coming for you all?  Five reviews are going up this weekend.  Yes, five!  Once these are posted I will begin working on my erotica again for you all.  So, thank you for being patient and have a happy new year!

HNT – Summer Is Ending Thursday, Jul 29 2010 

So, I’ve been quiet lately, but not because I’m not interested in writing for you wonderful people.  I’ve been ill with bronchitis and a stomach bug and haven’t really been too well.  I figured I’d kick off the return to posting with a HNT post.

Yes, this is me.  I took this photo a few weeks ago and, well, never really shared it because I wanted to withhold it for a little while.  Summer is coming to a close rapidly, though here where I live it stays hot until about November.

I’m going to cut this short for now and go to take care of myself.  Enjoy my tease of the week and I’ll definitely try to do more for you lovely people out there!